On 12th to 14th March 2012 i was talking a young couple from England on a task as a tour guide in Tanjung Puting National Park. I had been to the same area the previous week and had seen some fruit bats flying around and feeding in the trees but numbering only 17 to 20.On this particular day there was many more numbering in excess of about 1000. I was obviously curious so we continued to watch these marvellous creatures flying around and flapping their wings. Finally they came to rest  on one of the branches of a tree that was in abundance with fruit. As we watched many more fruit bats arrived all taking advantage of the ripened fruit. It was now getting dark and so we decided to dock for the night on Sekonyer  river relaxing on Board the Klotok with a traditional Indonesian meals prepared by your own private chef.

The afternoon we again observed the fruit bats there seemed to be many more now in the colonial enjoying the ripe fruit on the trees. We also came across a female Orang Utan carrying her infant, the infant seemed to be upset and crying. visibly distressed and this seemed to be down to the fact that it wanted to feed on the fruits in the tree but  was prevented in doing so by its mother because of the large numbers of the fruit bats.

Cats from the trees to the left side of the Klotok came very loud noises which sounded like squabbling, this was a troop of Proboscis Monkey that had come down to the water’s edge and had found the fruits in the tree. The noises and their cute faces it soon brought smiles to my clients faces.