As it would take us an hour to reach the nesting site we left at 04-2ohours under the shadow of rainforest darkness. We had been following the wild orangutan the previous day so we knew the exact location of the night nesting site which are always built approximately 10 meters up.

At 05-30hours the orang-utan left the nest and moved to the lower branches, spent a minute defecating and urinating and then moved onto another tree, using a hand over hand motion called brachiating. The orangutan settled down and started to eat the fruits from the tree by using both hands and using its legs and feet to hold onto the branches. The orang-utan stayed eating the same fruitfor about an hour then moved to the other tree species using the tree vines to move from branch to branch. As the orang-utan fet birds in the tree started making lots of noise which disturbed the orangutan and he made a kissquick noise to show his disapproval.

The orangutan moved off and we followed for about 1 ½ hours through different habitats of the rainforest, he stopped for a while looking at trees, he started to make a nest by breaking some leafly branches and by smoothing them into position using a fourth hive tool motion.

The orang-utan rested and we also took the oppurtunity to rest and have our packed lunch but always still observing the orang-utan in the nest. After an hour the  orang-utan came out of the nest and started to move from tree to tree,he stopped to eat fruits, young leaves and flowers. The orang-utan we were following was a sub-adult male and was very active because or the number of the trees in flower and fruit. We continued to follow the orang-utan until it was getting dark he stopped at a tree and started to make a night nest by breaking the branches and smoothing them around him. Once we were sure that the orangutan had settled sown for the night we decided to leave and start our long journey back.

On our way back to the Klotok, We heard the soothing sounds of the various nocturnal species, it was a very tiring day but was satisfactory.