About Us

Who we are, and what we do…

Orangutan Voyage is a local tour operator under legal company, based in Kumai, Kotawaringin Barat, Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. Orangutan Voyage was founded by Ancis Banderas the inhabitant of Borneo who has been assisted the travellers to guide their travel plan particularly tour to the Tanjung Puting National Park or adventure to the one of the oldest rainforest in the world in Lamandau Regency, Central Kalimantan.

At Orangutan Voyage we run small group adventure holiday and private trip but we are unavailable for sharing tour. We are passionating about what we do and we love to share with the nature and involving local communities. Our knowledge and experiences make us one of the trusted tour operator in Central Kalimantan. Also we’ve been involved on several conservation programs for the Borneo rainforest through voluntary on forest fire fighting and forest restoration. Our goal is save the habitat of orangutans through tourism. As we believe that giving in accordance with acquired will bring the sustainability.

Why Us

Based on eco-tourism Orangutan Voyage has involved the local community as our team in every tours and build their capacity to become a tour player by sustainable principle. Orangutan Voyage is active in conservation efforts and Tanjung puting national park area protection through involving our team as volunteer and sharing our profit to support the projects.

Orangutan Voyage team are passionate about nature and wildlife,also we concern to enviroinment issue.

Orangutan Voyage also recommended by some national and international blogger as its great achievement in service. Our priority is you and your credencial is a great award.

 Our Services

Trekking and Camping

For more than 5 years we have been organising a diverse and exciting range of trekking and camping holiday on Borneo particularly in Central Kalimantan. More recently we have developed a handful of treks planned specifically for group or private tour. Wheter your family or partner is new to trekking or has previous hiking experience, you will find we have a good selection of carefully planned walks an treks to choose from.
All of our guests trekking and camping time are “supported”, which means your backpack is transported for you by our team (conditionally). All you need carry while you walk is a daysack with whatever you may need during the trekking time.
Typically you will be walking in a small group of up to 4, along with an experienced and fully trained tour guide, depending on trek you may also have an assistent with you. Many guests tells step through the forest view many huge tree are the highlights of the whole trekking time.

Our range of guests treks and camping includes challenging trails at the rainforest, along the hills and river with many rock and cascades in Lamandau. These are for guests with aged 19+, but option for younger guests include a gentler walk in the terraced foothills of borneo rainforest. Refresh by having a sunbath under the waterfall or do a brave night trekking are other activities you could do during jungle camping.

Alternatively you could join us for rafting with our friendly local team who have trained before. You could also view the tranquility of borneo rainforest whilst rafting.

Local Life

On Orangutan Voyage tours we take you under the skin of village you’re visiting as the indigenous borneo own various langguage and sub-etnhic. We will introduce you to real, authentic local life. But on some tour we can make the tour be come our main focus of the trip: fully immersing ourselves into local life and experiencing how to local people live.

These tour are organised to take every opportunity to discover traditional life and rub shoulder with local. We visit local communities, sometimes eating with them or even staying overnight on their traditional longhouse or camping in the jungle. We may trekking to the forest and follow their daily acticvities. We also experiencing the local culture and witnessing their traditional dance , music and other traditions.
To experience first-hand the way of life enjoyed by the culture around the world, interacting with local people who have a little contact with the world of tourism, can be immensely inspiring and enriching – not just for us but also for the host communities.

Orangutan Travel and Houseboating

Enjoy an inspiring houseboating along one of the world’s most famous orangutan conservation site or river of Borneo. Cruise along Sekonyer river or Buluh river sprinkled with various type of forest and its ecosystem, cruise through the wildlife haven of borneo, relax aboard a traditional wooden boat called “Kelotok” or spotted the wildlife of Tanjung Puting National Park includes; Black hornbill, storkbill kingfisher, proboscis monkey, longtail macaque, silver langoor, crocodile, and wild orangutan.

Orangutan Voyage offer an appealing combination of activity, adventure, culture and leisure. You can enjoy excursions, exploring on foot , discovering the dayak ethnic history and culture, or do a generous action through tree planting or releasing the turtle into the sea, then return to your vessel or accomodation to relax as you continue your travel. As our own boat is one only, wherever possible we charter the boats exclusively for the guests, helping to make our boat-based holiday more informal, relaxed and flexible. Small boat trip is very different experience from cruising on a large ship, where the sheer logistic of managing you at meantimes and on excursions can make your holiday feel busy and flexible. Whether you’re tempted by the picturesque, green view of the rainforest and orangutans in Tanjung Puting National Park or the enchantment of dayak ethnic and its culture in Lamandau . Come to experience the holiday with all the adventure and relaxation you could want.

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