“Amazing Family Tour”

To be honest this one of the best tours we have done in Indonesia. There were 6 of us in total 2 kids (aged 8 and 10), 2 parents and 2 grandparents. We had 2 full days and 1 night. The pick up from the hotel was on time and a short car ride  to the jetty. We had the whole boat to ourselves and in the two days we visited three orang-utan feeding stations and one village. The cruise up the river was fantastic seeing lots of wildlife and was no hesitation to stop  the boat if we wanted to take photos or video. The faciities on the boat were great and the boat staff were very nice and accomodating. The tour guide we had spoke brilliant English and was very knowledgeable about the animal, river and the jungle. The guide would take water for use when we walked to the feeding stations and was alway available to pass on message to the crew. The food was tasty and very well prepared. It was mostly Indonesian food but it was fine for the kids. We slept on the deck of the boat under mosssy nets on comfortable mattresses. We saw plenty of Orangutangs, two types on monkey, dolphins, crocodiles and kingfisher. Overall it was a very pleasant tour up the river seeing lots of great wildlfe.

Written by our guest on August, 2016.


” De beste manier om Oerang Oetangs te zien”

Een riviercruise met een klotok is één van de gemakkelijkste en aangenaamste manieren om kennis te maken met de jungle van Borneo en de Oerang Oetangs die hierin leven. Tal van organisaties bieden min of meer gelijkaardige cruises aan, al is het bij de meeste wel mogelijk om de trip te personaliseren.

Naast het vaste traject via de voedingsplaatsen dedene we een voettocht van een volledige dag en een kanotocht op de kleinere zijriviertjes. De laatste namiddag in Pankalan Bun deden we ook eene boottocht langs de houten huisjes die op de oever van de rivier zijn gebouwd en waar rond een uur of vier erg veel te zien valt. Het zijn net deze extra activiteiten die de trip zp bijzonder hebben gemaakt.

Het is ten zeerste an te raden om een gids onder de arm te nemen. Zelf waren we heel erg tevreden van onze gids Nur, die sinds kort heeft geïnvesteerd in een eigen klotok:


“Borneo  Orangutan Tour”

Borneo is a truly spectacular place. When we arrived at Pangkalan Bun Airport, the tour guide, mr. Aidi Syarifudin, was waiting for us, so we set off to Kumai harbour. In the harbour, we went on the boat, the klotok, to go to Sekonyer River.

Once we were in the jungle, we saw all the wildlife in the trees, in the water etc. just right next to the boat. Because mr. Aidi used to be a staff member at Camp Leaky, he knows everything about the jungle, the river, the wildlife, etc. We arrived at Rimba Lodge, where we stayed for three nights. It’s an eco lodge in the middle of the jungle, where you truly become one with nature.

The next day we went to Camp Leaky to check out the orang utans. Because it’s a rehabilitation program for the endangered species of orang utans, the monkeys are semi wild, so they are familiar with men. They’ve made special places for the monkeys where they feed them bananas and other food so you can see how they come out of the jungle jumping from one tree to the other grabbing the bananas. Some of them carried a baby orang utan, really beautiful to see how the babies hang on to their mothers. The tour guide used to be a staff member, so he knows everything about the orang utans and Camp Leaky. He told us many stories, one of which I remember, was that one time he got lost in the jungle, an orang utan showed him the way back because the monkey knew he was a staff member.

We had a really spectacular trip in Borneo. Mr. Aidi knows everything about the jungle, he told us many stories, etc. One thing I remember about him, is that he likes music, just like I do. Today, 3 years after our trip, Aidi and us still talk on regular basis. We truly gained a friend the moment we arrived at Pangkalan Bun Airport. That’s what traveling is about, right?

Michaël Hoffmann


Taken from Tripadvisor, July 5, 2012. Thank you to Michael for his review!



Ancis is a top class guide 🙂 he has a lot of knowledge and experience about the animal,knows the urangutans by their names and characteristic.. he is very funny and loves to chat and exchange stories… he is also very very friendly, so definitely the one to go with 😉

Thank you again for the tour my friend 😉

Greeting from Slovenia,


Thanks Alen for his delightful review posted at my blog :).


Jimmy svensson says:

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, High Intergrity ” Ancis Banderas was my tour guide on my 3 days/2 nights great wildlife trip to Tanjung Puting National Park, Borneo, Indonesia in June-2011. Ancis was more than just a guide for me, he became a true friend. Not only great knowledge in the wildlife being seen, Ancis also introduced me to the Indonesia culture and also talk about himself very personally. And this is what a good travel for me is all about. A travel for me doesn’t only include a nice beach or great wildlife views. I also want to learn more about the local culture, about the local food and also get to know local from different culture, in order to develope myself. And Ancis exceeded all my expectations. Ancis made my trip to Tanjung Puting Natonal Park as one of my best trip ever. If i ever go back (I really want to), I will definitely use Ancis as a guide again. I can really recommend Ancis as a Tour-guide.” May 11, 2012

Posted by Jimmie Svensson on my LinkedIn profile. Thanks you for your review Jimmy!


Istvan says:

Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value.

“Ancis is a great tour guide, expert of the rainforest and the local area. He is helpful, reliable and easy to understand. We had great time with him and his local team.”

Posted on my LinkedIn profile. Thank you Istvan for his review! 🙂


Erica and Tom Says:

Ancis has been our guide for 3 days trip in tanjung puting on 13th – 15th of july 2012. His english and his understanding is excellent and his knowledge and animals, plants, wildlife and development of the park is also excellent. He has been eager willing always tobe informative, helpful and amusing. We feel very very lucky to have had ancis as our guide. We would totally recommend ancis as a first rate guide.

Written by: Erica and Tom


Dawn Travis shared a link.July 5

Thank you Ancis for a very rewarding and educational experience through the Borneo Rain Forest. Your knowledge and expertise about the land, animals and people helps tourists understand the area through your love of the region and all it has to offer. You are an excellent guide who takes care of your customers from the moment you pick them up at the airport until you bid farewell to them as they travel to their next  adventure. Your guitar playing, singing, joking and fun nature leave the customers fulfilled. You provide good times, good food and excellent value for the customer. I highly recommend you as a travel guide, teacher and a friend!!

You help make life fun!! Best wishes, always 🙂

Written By: Dawn Travis


Amazing Trip”

A great experience to live/eat sleep on a boat in the middle of Borneo jungle. Our guide Ancis was amazing and very knowledgeable. He speaks good english and we had no problems understanding each other. We wandered in the jungle, I got to learn about different trees, plants and bushes and what you could use them for. We visited a small village and got to meet the people. Ancis told stories of how Borneo’s inhabitant live just 20 years ago and how the different tribe supported themselves and their different faith and beliefes. Went to several feeding stations to see different Orangutans. Some were more wild than others and in some places,we saw an incredible amount, while in other it was considerably less. This was only positive as it means they adapted well in the jungle and manage to find their own food and do not need to be fed.

The chef on the Boat was fantastic! We were four vegetarian and i have never in my life eaten so good and varied food during our four days stay, especially since we spent a lot of time on the Boat. He fixed breakfast,lunch,dinner and snacks. The captain was very good and all in all it was three people that workes on the Boat, a very personal and harmonious journey.

Ancis tried to make sure that we would see as many animals as possible and the Boat often stayed so we could see, hear and enjoy the wildlife and nature. He explained what kind of species we saw, how they lived, what they ate and what the diffrent sounds they made meant.

We were lucky and were also given the great honor to meet Birute Mary Galdikas! One memory i will carry with me a lifetime.

All in all, it was by far the best trip i’ve done and if i get the chance to do it again, i will not hesitate, i dream to be on that Boat on the River and hear only the nature and no more.

Written by our guest on TripAdvisor.


Alia Viswalingam says:

July 29, 2012 at 10:41 pm

Ancis made our experience of Borneo unique and unforgettable. He took us through the back streets of Pangkalanbun, through the fresh food markets and to the banks of the river villages where we met and conversed with friendly and curious locals in the evening sun. In Tanjung Puting National Park, he enlightened us with stories from the villages about daily life, his experiences and filled us with information about the beautiful orangutans. He took us deep into the jungle and showed us the world of Borneo flora and fauna. He was very safety conscious towards us and the environment. We could see his love for the orangutans and the jungle in his eyes which ignited my passion for conservation. There was always something to learn and see on our trip, Ancis was always ready to answer our questions, chat or just sit with us and take in the splendor of the world around us. Thank you Ancis, it was the most fulfilling and memorable experience of my life. I shall definitely be returning.

Alia Viswalingam


Andreas says:

July 20, 2012 at 12:13 pm

“Borneo Tour”

I had the pleasure of taking a three-day tour at the Tanjung Puting National Park with Ancis as my guide back in 2010.

The tour was simply fantastic. The scenery was excellent and the wildlife spotting superb. Hornbill birds, fireflies (well, it was a big thing for me, we don’t have those in Sweden) and possibly a hundred proboscis monkeys.

The river boat was comfortable and the food surprisingly good.

With Ancis experience and ranger background we came very close up to several families of Orangutans. A bit too close even as one Orangutan took my water bottle.


Ian Egberts From Holland Says:

“Borneo Tour”

We spent four days with aidi travelling through kalimantan.As a former park ranger,aidi has enermous experience and knowledge about all animals and plants,in particular orangutans.

We travelled over the waterways and saw the very diverse nature while aidi was explaining about the beautiful nature and the friendly local people.In between we enjoyed great meals with local food.

Aidi was a great tour guide who has a tremendous experience, a very warm and friendly personality.Trully a joy to has a tour guide.

Written by : Ian Egberts, MD

August,04 2012


Mrs Hilary Baker says:

August 17, 2012 at 10:54 am

I met Ancis a few years ago he was our guide for our second trip into Borneo. our first trip had been arranged through the Orangutan Foundation UK an excellent trip and subsequently made us want to visit again. We booked our own flights and accomodation and the Lodge where we stayed booked our boat and the guide that was Ancis. He greated us on arrival like we were old friends very welcoming and easy to get on with straight away. The trips he arranged for us were excellent and his knowledge of the orangutans and the other wildlife as well as the flora was very, very good. He is an intellegent young man who has worked hard and has a passion for the orangutans. I would definately reccomend anyone to book through him and let him take you on a magical journey.


”Orangutang Adventure in Tanjung Puting”

As part of my sailing cruise i visited Tanjung Puting National Park. It was a great adventure. Our Guide was Ancis Orangutan Voyage. He has great knowledge about Orangutan ana Tanjung Puting National Park.

Here is my diary for the three days i visited the Park. It was with Ebbe, Thomas, and Kurt who all relatives and crew of our yacht S/Y Blue Marlin. The diary is translated from danish to english through google translate but i hope you still understand it well:

Saturday 22th September

Early in the morning we start to enter the Kumai. Coordinates to the entrance is found on the internet and are inaccurate and are of little help when maring is very sparse and our charts are inaccurate. After we dropped anchor made a good breakfast while Kumai considered. It is characterized by warehouses without windows which we are later told that they used to breed birds in. Their nests are sold to the Chinesse as they can make soup on (they are crazy they kineserer). After breakfast Axel, Ebbe and Thomas in to arrange trip in Tanjung Puting National Park to see orangutan with a local houseboat (Klotok). We have decided for a 3 days trip. Inside the city, we are around to inquire us at a little different and we choose to strike a deal with Mr. Bain when he gives us a good offer. We are a little suspicious that he is very billigerer than the others but after seeing the boat we must, we are fairly convinced. Other advises us to choose him, would not say why. We hope it is to dump prices but is still somewhat excited to see if he keeps what he promises. Later we learn, however, that he cheats National Park by paying only entrance for one day instead of third too bad but hard to do anything about. After we have found the boat bought a little snack and soda for the ride. And to our boatboy. Our boatboy is one of Mr. Bain people to be careful Blue Marlin while we are away. And to our boatboy. Then download Kurt has been at the Blue Marlin to repair the power plan. Impeller for cooling water pump is corroded up and replaced with new. After Kurt is retrieved seen little of Kumai and we see if we find a good restaurant. It ends with a local one where the food is excellent. Since they have so many desserts on the menu popped past the local grocery store and buy ice cream. Then we return to the Blue Marlin to pack for the trip the next three days.

Sunday 23rd September

At 8 in the morning arrives Mr. Bain with our boatboy to fit the ship the next 3 days. We bought water and snacks for him and the rest of his food comes from the mainland. Shortly after, our Klotok to be ourhome for 3 days, The blue Marlin. Then go up in Tanjung Puting National Park. We will not touch a finger on the voyage that safely controlled by the captain, his assistant, Aidi guide and a cook. We are adjusting the upper deck while the staff keeps most from. They have asked different fruit forward as we immediately start to do eat. We sail up the river Sekonyer that goes into the National Park. Along trhe river up in the treetops’s Proboscis Monkeys,which has a very distinctive nose. They sit in groups and jumping around from branch to branch. Right after we sailed up the river Sekonyer seen a Monitor lizard swimming. It is a Lizard of  about 1 meter. At the river’s piers into feeding station where we stand by to see feeding of Orangutans. After 2 hours of relax before Orangutan be fed at 14th Axel passes time by lossing a small amount blackjack-like card game with the locals. Slightly worse is it for our guide also lose. At 14, there are feeder and it is about 10 walk into the the Jungle. We arrive just before feeding and there is an Orangutan few meter from us. It is hungry and very lively while it hangs and swings a few meters above the the ground and 3 -4 feet from us in the middle of the path. Thean ranger with food and Orangutan follow up to feed the board. After a while there will be more Orangutan and we follow up with what they are doing. There are several other teams tourist each with their guide. The diffrerent packages come with different abelignene cry to attrack more Orangutan after feeding into further up the river and eat dinner. Then relax before going to bed. We sleep on the deck under mosquito nets. During the night it’s get a little cold when we did not have any blankets to put on. Otherwise, the day was very eventful and it has been interesting to observe Orangutan. During the day we also saw a single wild Orangutan. Those who come to feeding are all semi-wild. Most have been treated at Camp Leakey, the largest and the oldest feeding station. In the evening seen big bat fly with a wingspan of up to 50cm.

Monday 24th September

We wake up a little shivering in the early morning. We get up an immediately our staff about tidying the beds away and make breakfast and while listening to the monkeys also got up and we see each hornbill birds fly over us. After eating breakfast out of the jungle hike by fordrestation 2, Pondok Tanggui. Already on the pier is an orangutan as spaerer our wa y. Our captain helps us and chase it off to the side so we can drop by. On the trek we do not see much, but it’s good have touch a little. The hike ends at 9 by a feeding board where a ranger comes with food for orangotangerne. Although wizards with their cries make serious efforts to lure orangotangerne appears they do not.  So a little disappointed we turn its nose back toward the boat. On the way there however, we see two young orangotanger as playing/fighting with each other. After having stood and looked at them for 20 minutes’s time we will take the boat to the feeding station 3, Camp Leakey. After bringing to eat again a good lunch, before we go into Camp. At Camp Leakey, several houses and orangutanger in the surrounding trees. We look at orangotangerne and visit a small museum about them. Kl. 15 are feeding and we go out to feed the board. On the way out thre we see a semi-tame wild boar go and rummage in the soil. Having seen feeding out back toward the boat.

Here we encounter the king Tom is a great orangutan. He hangs on one of the houses and would like to enter and have reached the food. After he observed a while sailing down a bit on where or worse for the knight. Kurt sees a glimpse of a crocodile but when we trays back to the boat is gone. Efteling have added to, we take a bath on the boat with water form the river. We are taken form dirty main race in the irver by a side fairways where the water is fine clean. After the bath eat good dinner before standing on natvandring. Here we see tarantulas, a few fireflies and sleeping birds. One is a large turkey as the wizard has little difficulty getting aroused. When it finally happens it makes a set of all of us. After natvandringen we go to sleep on boat. Our guide, however, take up to some houses where other local sit and play cards. Here lose our guide more money during the night and we are a little affraid of his wages do not cover the loss.

Tuesday 25th September

After another half chilly night we stand up and are served breakfast. We see a single monitor lizard. Hereafter we take into feeding staion Pondok Tanggui and hope that there are more Orangutaner about feeding than the last. It is there and camp king is even over. It is not as big as Tom but still an impressive creature. In the middle of feeding the king has eaten his fill and leave the feeding board. Other Orangutaner comes and we see them eat before we go back to the boat. On the way back we see the king again. There have been some food back up the hierarchy’s house. Then we take our Klotok to the village and walk around. We see scchool, play a little ball with some children and women that merges sivtage. NEXT, on to the feed station 1, Tanjung Harapan and see more orangutaner be fed at. Second again camp king there, so now we have seen kings at each camp. Then homeward. Looks more fireflies in under palm trees on the river bank in the evening when it gets dark. It is rigitgt beautiful and idyllic sailing down the river while hundreds of light moving under the palm tress on the shore. In the evening at 19:30 we are back at the Blue Marlin. He we say goodbye to our glorious klotok and its crew. Our boatboy has taken good care of the ship and it is as we left it. It’s always a little exciting to leave the Blue Marlin to others and hope that they take good of it. After we unpacked after three exciting days in Tanjung Puting National Park, we are all tired to bed.



“Tanjung Puting National Park, un parque unico que visitar”

He estado en Borneo durante 20 dias, 5 de ellos en el Parque de Tanjung Puting.

El  viaje en barco por el rio es alucinante, con la selva alrededor, escuchando los sonidos y durmiendo mirando las miles de estrellas y luciernagas.

5 dias tal vez es mucho, el parque se puede visitar en 3 0 4, pero para disfrutarlo os remiendo 5.

Durante el viaje va parando en differentes lugares en los que bajas para poder ver orangutanes, aunque desde el barco tambien se ven muchos (orangutanes. monos proboscis, gibones, etc..)

Ademas mi guia me llevo a Tanjung Keluang, tienen una reserva de tortugas y pude soltar a dos que ya estaban recuperadas, al mar..

Y visitamos otra reserva de arboles en la que puesdes elegir uno y plantarlo paraa repoblar la selva..

En ambos casos tienes que hacer una donacion, pero es muy poquito..

Pos las noches aparcabamos el barco en una rivera del rio para dormir.. una pasada.. Lo mejor de todo era la cocinera, ademas de ser una chica encantadora,  cocinaba increible..cada dia un menu diffrente, todo riquisimo..

Recomiendo que visities este parque y que contacteis con este guia, el precio es muy bueno y el tour que hace es fantastico..

El guia con el que estuve tiene una web y puedes contactar coon el aqui: Orangutan Voyage.

Written by Carmen Gardier.


“Orang  Oetang trip in Borneo with Ancis”

The boat trip over the river into the rainforest of Tanjung Puting National Park was wonderful! The guide, Ancis, knew alot about the animal and vegetation in the different landscape and very easy to talk to. He used to be a ranger. We saw many orang oetangs, other monkeys and even a crocodile!

If you are planning to make such a trip be sure that you do not leave traces, take care of trash(including toilet paper) and try not to interrupt the pure nature. A tourist we are just visitors.

Visited August 2012

Source :


“Amazing, Unforgettable experience”

6 of us went to Tanjung Puting National Park in Indonesia and everyone of us was amazed with the experienced we had there. It started that we were picked up at the airport by our friendly guide, Mr. Aidi from Orangutan Voyage. He then took us to the feeding station by boat where we saw a bunch of Orangutans came to the station to eat bananas. On the way to the station, we saw orangutans standing in front of you, hanging on the tree just above your head, walking behind you, i can’t even describe how grateful i was to be able to experience that.

Mr. Aidi was very knowledgable, he explained to us the story of the rehabilitation and he was able to to identify each of the orangutans, what were their names, what they like, how old they were, who were their mothers, etc. I found it’s amazing and gave more meaning instead of just watching them eat. We were also fortunate to see one Orangutan King, Yani. He was so big and fascnating.

During our trip, we also saw crocodile, lots of different kind of monkeys, wild boars, fireflies at night, colourful butterflies, birds and one big lizard that i don’t know what it’s called.

One night we stayed on the boat but then we stayed at Rimba lodge hotel the next 3 nights as our parents needed electricity at night for medical reason.

Overall, you have to be there yourself to experience one of the greatest things in life.

Wriiten by our guest on TripAdvsior.


“Trip of a lifetime”

We were part of the gang travelling with Vivi to Tanjung Puting National Park. We agree that Mr. Aidi who is a local resident, was a great guide & host. The boat was clean, the crew helpful and the food DELICIOUS. The orangutangs and the other type of monkeys were fascinating to watch as they swung thru the trees, walked the path and looked after their young and stuffed their faces! Unfortunately, you are not allowed to touch or pet them, but that is okay as we had one orangutangs run between us! and sharedd the path with some and an old wild boar someday one day.  The interputive centre was most interesting with the “family trees” ot the orangutangs and the story of how the rehabilitation centre came to be. Mr. Aidi had been a Park staff so he knew the animal and called them by name. We also visited a village where we toured the school and the kids practiced their english with introduction and songs, then a rousing game of soccer in the scortching eat!. Suggestion for anyone travelling to the area and have a room in your luggage, take some english children’s book for the school and lots of pens/pencils etc. Mr. Aidi also told us about the river and what is happening up the river with gold mining. The rimba lodge has large rooms, dining room, shop and the staff very friendly. But also our trip came to the end and Mr. Aidi escorted us to our hotel. A VERY MEMORABLE TRIP!!! One you wish everyone had the oppurtunity to make!

Written by our guest on TripAdvisor.


“Unbelievable experience”

We were a party of 6, 3 couples. We did a 3 days, 2 nights boat trip of the Tanjung Puting National Park with a company by the name of  Orangutan Voyage and our guide was Aidi. This was one of those experiences that you nevery forget! It was a slow journey down the river with stop at various points to watch the Orangutans feed. Along the journey we saw various types of Monkeys. The whole trip was sensational. Aidi, our guide, has so much knowledge and made sure that we were content at every moment. The food on board was delicious and  there was abundant softdrinks and water. Eventhough the facilities were basic, they were spotless and comfortable.

Written by our guest on TripAdvisor


Bali, Kalimantan, Java

14 februari 2013 – Jogjakarta, Indonesië

Hallo iedereen!

Lange tijd geleden dat we internet tot onze beschikking hebben gehad! Stiekem ook wel lekker, even afzonderen van de wereld 😉 Maar we naturlijk graag met jullie delen! Twee weken geleden zaaten we nog op Bali. In Snaur hebben we een paar dagen gezeten, wachten op een mail van the Dolphint Lodge. Helaas hebben we  daaar niets van gehoord, dus zijn we toen verder gegaan naar Kuta. Daar heerlijk relaxt boekjes gelezen op het strand, Arjan heeft een dag gesurft 🙂 Vanuit Kuta moesten we wachten totdat we onze reis naar Kalimantan konden beginnen! Op 7 februari zijn we vanuit Denpasar naar Jakarta gevlogen. We zaten in een arme wijk, maar met erg leuke bevolking! De volgende ochtend naar Kalimantan gevlogen. Op het vliegveld stond onze gids Aidi al te wachten. Via zijn woonplaats Kumai kwamen we aan bij de haven waar de Klotok (boot) al op ons lag te wacthen. Het is teveeel om alles per dag te vertellen, daarom een kortere samenvating. We gingen naar het Tanjung Puting National Park. Daar is ook een rehabilitatircentrum voor de Orang oetans. Mocthen ze ziek zijn of al vanaf de geboorte dar zitten worden ze geholpen en uiteindelijk weer in het wild geplaatst. Er worden dagelijks voedingsmomenten aangeboden met fruit. Dit is om de Orang oetans die nog niet genoeg fruit kunnen vinden te ondersteunen. We zagen gelijk de eerste dag onze eerste Orang oetans. Wauw!! Kippinvel moment! Zijn naam was Roger, een mannetje van 23 jaar oud. De rest van de dagen hebben we iedere dag wel een voedingsmeoment bezocht en regelmatig wat Orang Oetans gezien. Langs de kant van de rivier zagen we veel Long tale monkeys en the dutch monkey. Die laatste dankt zijn grote neus (en bedankt ;))Bij een 3 uur durende rekking door de jungle zagen we 2 wilde Orang Oetans. Ze waren alleen niet blij om ons te zien 😉 stokken vlogen ons om de oren, maar we hebben ze toch een tijdjej kunnen volgen hoog in de bomen. Aidi vertelde ons ontzettend veel over de natuer en de dieren. Erg leuk om zo’n enthousiaste gids te hebben! We hebben in die dagen nog 4 bomen geplant, om zo afgebrande delen weer op te bouwen! Over een aantal jaren zullen de apen genieten van het fruit wat er in hangt.

Ook hebben we 4 zeeschildpadjes vrijgelaten in de zee. Een speciaal project die de lokale bevolking bewust wil maken dat ze niet de eieren moeten eten. De eieren worden nu uitgegraven en de nesten worden nagemaakt op een veilige plek. Zo kunnen heel wat schildpadden het overleven. Er is zoveel te vertellen, krokodillen die we hebben gezien, een prachtig dorpje aan de rivier waar we ook nog een wilde Orang oetan hadden gespot :0, rivier dolfijnen, tarantula’s bij een nacht trekking door de jungle, baby krokodil geaaid die daar voor onderzoek bij studenten was. De tijd vloog echt voorbij en toen we helemaal gewend waren aan het slapen op het dek van de klotok omringd door vuurvliegjes. Toen was het alweer voorbij :(Een droom die uitkwam 🙂 We zijn vanuit Jakarta gelijk door gevlogen naar Yogyakarta. Een mooie stad, vandaag naar de tempel Borobudur geweest. Wij waren allen meer de attarctie, veel mensen hier willen met westerse mensen op de foto 😉 Plannen voor de volgende stad hebben we nog niet. Het regent behoorlijk op Java, dus ik denk dat we doorgaan naar Lombok! Hoop dat we weer wat foto’s kunnen plaatsen voor jullie. Internet werkt hier niet altijd mee helaas 😉 Tot de volgende keer! :)Liefs!

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8 dages tur pa husbad i Borneo’s jungle

Så tog vi afsked med Thailand og fløj til Indoesien, hvor vi forelobig har planer om at være frem til starten af juni. Efter et stop-over i Jakarta, floj vi til Kalimantan, som er den Indonesiske side af Borneo. Her havde vi planlagt en 8 dages tur med en husbad ud i National Park Tanjung Puting. Vi blev hentet i Pangkalan Bun lufthavn af vores guide Aidi, hvilket var meget sjovt at prove, siden vi aldrig for er blevet hentet i lufthavn. Herefter korte vi til vores private husbad (Klotok pa Indonesisk), som skulle være vores hjem den næste uge. Besætningen bestod, udover guiden, af kaptatnen Yofie, altmuligmand/ butleren Banni og madmutter Tutti. Første etape afr turen gik of af floden Sekonyer, hvor vi skulle se Orangutaner. Borne er det ene af to steder i verden, hvor disse aber lever vildt. Udover den vilde bestand af Orangutaner, findes der i Tanjung Puting tre rehabiliterings centre, hvor Orangutaner, som har været i fangeskab eller har været brugt som kæledyr, vendes til at leve i junglen. Orangutanerne lever frit i junglen omkring centrene og bliver fodret to gange dagligt. Efter et stykke tid, stopper de med at komme til fodringerne, og levr på egen hånd i junglen. På turen op af floden så vi desuden næseaber. Natten blev tilbragt på dækket af husbåden med udsigt til stjernerner og med lyden af junglen. Mosquitonettet blev flittigt brugt, men kunne dog ikke beskytte os helt. Esben har fæt omkring 100 insektbid (ikke mosquito) over hele kroppen. Da vi ikke tager Malariamedicin, lykkedes det os at få guiden til skaffe os noget kininrod fra junglen. Stykker af roden trak så i varmt vand, som vi herefter drak. Roden kan tørres og genbruges, hvilket vi har tænkt os at gøre. Efter 3 dage med Orangutaner, plantede vi hver et træ, som en del at et genplantningsprogram i National Parken. Esben plantede Sandaltræ og janne et Shoreatræ, Projektet startede for 8 år siden, og idag er Orangutanerne begyndt at vende tilbage til området igen. På stedet boede en mand alene med hans to katte, så han var glad for besøget. Herefter tog vi afsked med Sekonyer floden og sejlede mod en strand på den modsatte side af Nationalparken til et  forskningscenter for skildpadder. Her valgte vi begge en skildpaddeunge, som vi efterfølgende navngav og satte ud i havet. Det var rigtig sjovt at se “Frede” og “Michael Laudrup” kravle gennem sandet og ud i havet. For at kontrollere skildpaddernes reflekser, skulle de vendes med hovedet væk fra havet. Når skilpadderne så blev sluppet fri, skulle de selv de vende sig mod havet, hvilket de heldigvis begge gjorde. Om eftermiddagen to vi på tue med. Da vi endelig kom tilbage, tog en velfortjent svømmetur i vandet, hvor vi oplevede masser af små selvlyvende bakterier i vandet onkring os. Imens blev et hold lokale fiskere sent tilbetur i vandet, hvor age for at hente ores kaptajn, som var blevet tilbage i båden. Sidste etape var en tur op af Buluh floden, der ligeledes ligger  Tanjug Puting. Her kommer turisterne dog aldrig, da alle tagger of af Sungai. De lokale sagde da også , vi var de første turister de havde set. Da floden flere steder var meget smal måtte speedbåd og kano tages i brug. Turen på Buluh bød på kæmpe flagermus og enkelte næseaber. Der skulle også være krokodiller, men vi så desværrre ingen. Området er stadig ubesøgt, så dyrene flygter, når de hører motoren på båden. Om natte ligge og høre orangutaner og næseaber skrige og kaste sig rundt i træerne langs med floden. Natten bød også på masser af ildfluer omkring båden.  Bad blev taget med vand fra floden, hvilket endte i vandkamp med vores kok, guide og kaptajn. Enkelte aftener oplevede vi også, hvorfor en regnskov kaldes en regnskov. Når det regner, så kommer der vand, masser af vand. Besætningen var dog hurtig til at få dækket bådentil, såvi kunne nyde aftenen i tørvejr. Efter floden vendte v snuden tilbage mod Pangkalan Bun. Hvor vi og afsked med en skoleklase, som meget gerne ville øv deres engelsk med os. Indoneserne vil meget gerne snakke, men er meget generte. Sidste aften på  Borneo er på hotel, inden vi flyver videre til Sulawesi og Bunaken,hvor vi ser frem til at dykke og snorkle.

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“Wonderful Time in Tanjung Puting National Park”

We visited Tanjung Puting National Park in April this year, and it was definitely one of the best trips we have done anywhere.When you hop on the boat and start going up the river it is
really like a bit of a fairy tale journey. You slowly cruise along with
the house boat, and as the river gets narrower you see monkeys in the
trees, and a crocodile here and there. We also got lucky with our guide,
Aidi from Orangutan Voyage, who was extremely knowledgeable and was able
to show us quite a lot of things we would otherwise not have seen. It
helped that he was a ranger in the park before, and he knew a lot of the
urangutans we saw by name.The work of the rehab program at camp Leakey is also something definitely
worth supporting, they have taken care of over 200 orangutans since they
started the program many years, and these animals are really something
amazing to watch. You can really believe they share 97% or so of our
genes.We did the 2 days, 3 nights tour which was perfectly fine for us, spending
two nights on the boat, which is a bit rustic but ok if you are not fussy,
and for the third night we decided to stay at the Rimba Lodge, which was a
nice experience too.Overall, a great trip, and definitely worth doing, if you like wildlife
and nature. He also had our two year old son with us and he had a great
time watching the animals and walking through the forest as well, really
good experience for him as well.

Taken from : and Thorn tree – Lonely Planet


“My Orangutan Voyage in Borneo”

Last year, we spent 3 amazing nights and 4 days on boat surrounded by the beauty of Tanjung Puting National Park. This spectacular trip was made even better because of our guide Ancis. Ancis used to be a staff in the national park and he worked with a helped rehabilitate orangutans in the park. Accordingly, he is very knowledgeable about the orangutans and all flora and fauna in the national park. Having Ancis on the the guide made the trip perfect. Ancis is very well spoken and well mannered and he shared his knowledge about the park and orangutans which made sure we left the trip with  much more than just pictures. Seeing the orangutans in their natural habitat is unique and unforgettable. I strongly suggest that you experience the orangutan voyage in the national park with Ancis as your guide, it will be a trip of lifetime.

Visited on July 2012

Written by our guest on Trip Advisor


“Good place to visit”

It’s so natural place and rich of knowledge of nature. We got to Tanjung Puting by Klotok, where we can sleep under enclosed deck of the boat, on comfortable mattresses under mosquito nets, then wake up to the sounds of Borneo jung
le.Western and also Asian style breakfast served 3 times daily on the Klotok. Whilst enjoying the river cruise, spot the wildlife, including: Proboscis Monkey, Longtail monkey, Wild orangutans.Visited Camp Leakey to view afternoon feding of the orangutans on the outskirts of Camp Leakey and Tanjung Harapan. We also did brave a night trek through the Jungles of Borneo. We’re visit the reforestation site at Pasalat and plant trees to help and learn about the conservation plan for the rainforest.I love my journey.. and it could be done by all ages level  as long as they have fit body and adventourious soul.

Visited on March 2013

Written by our guest on TripAdvisor


” Wunderbare Hausboot-Tour in den Tanjung Puitng Np”

Wir waren 3 (volle!) Tage und 2 Nachte mit Orangutan Voyage im Tanjung Puting National Park per hausboot unterwegs. Es war eine perferte Tour. Mr. Aidi holte uns vom Fruhflug aus Jakarta ab, keine zwei stunden spater waren wir am boot und unterwegs. Jeden Tag eine Orang Utan Frutterung, einmal eine mehrstundige Dschungelwanderung. Dazwischen gutes Essen, nette Betreuung und eine tolle vorbeiziehende Flusslandschaft mit einigen weiteren Orang Utans und jeder Menge anderer Tiere. 5 Crew fur 2 Gaste ziemlich luxuriuos aber hochst angenehm. Am letzten Abend hat uns Mr. Aidi noch personlich Dins Hotel gebracht. Die Fluge hat auch er fur uns gebucht. Alles hat prima geklappt.

Visited July 2013

Written by our guest at our TripAdvisor feature.


“Tanjung Puting + Camp Leakey mit Aidi von Orangutan Voyage”

Die begegnung mit wilden Orang Utans im Tanjung Puting National Park ist ein einmaliges Erlebnis, wohl das beste unserer gesamten Indonesienreise. Dank unserem Guide Aidi von Orang Utan Voyage haben wir auf unserer Tour auf einem Klotok tiefe Einblicke in die Natur vo Borneo bekommen. Er weiss so gut wie alles uber die Menschenaffen sowie die Flora und Fauna Borneos, da er viele Jahre als Ranger im National Park gearbeitet hat. Die Tour war einfach Perfekt. Nach Buchung im voraus aus Deutschland und Uberweisung des halben Reisepreis war ich anfangs etwas skeptisch. Aber Aidi ist absolut zuverlassig. Vin der abholung am Flughafen uber die Fahrt mit dem Klotoka und Ruckfahrt mit einer City-Tour in Kumai hat alles super geklappt. Wir hatten es uns nicht besser vorstellen konnen. Die 5- kopfige Crew war sehr zuvorkommend und hat alles dafur getan, dass wir uns auf dem Schiff sehr wohl gefuhlt haben. Das Essen fanden wir ebenfalls spitze, obwohl wir nicht gerade anspruchslos sind.

Auf der Fahr entlang des Sekonyer Fluss kann man die Natur wunderbar beobachten. Man besucht mehrere Futterungsplatze der Orang Utans und hat Hautnahe Begegnungen mit den Tieren. Nachts erwacht der Dschungel zum Leben uns es entsteht eine beeindruckende Gerauschkulisse sowie eine wunderbarer Sternenhimme!.
Vielen Dankan Aidi und Orang Utan Voyage fur dieses unvergessliche Erlebnis.

Wir koomen bestimmt wieder.

Written by our guest on Tripadvisor



Thanks to Aidi and his crew for amazing trip!

Aidi (also known as ‘Ancis’) is very knowledgeable, having work in the national park. He seems to have genuine love of wildlife which made the whole experience more special for us, as we didn’t feel like we were just another tourist on the typical tourist trail.

We were lucky to see wild orangutans from far afar and also get up close to ex-captive orangutans that had been released back into the forest by the Orangutan Foundation. Seeing the orangutans was one of the most special moments of my life- we left so privileged to be there.

We did the 3 nights/4 days trip. We vivited a local village but unfortunately the traditional dayak tribe and villages are located far away, so to see them you’d have to stay for one of the week long trips I think.

Staying on the klotok boat was an incredible experience. Cruising along the river was very relaxing. Falling asleep and waking up to the sounds of the forest is indescribable! The food was fantastic and  was actually some of the tastiest meals we had in our whole trip around Indonesia ( I’m a fussy vegetarian). The chef should open up her own restaurant!

If you visit in the wet season like we did, mkae sure you take a waterproof jacket or poncho, shoes for muddy jungle trekking and some decent insect repellent. There was a lot of insect! The mosquitos weren’t deterred by our 50% deet.

We were happy that we’d paid a fair price and received good value for money. Later in our travels, in Bali, we saw similar trips being advertised for a very expensive amount. I’m support ecotourism and book directly with Aidi/ Orangutan Voyage instead. You can arrange your own flights to Pangkalan Bun(we flew from Jakarta with Kalstar airline). Aidi met us at the airport and then took us on a short taxi ride to Kumai port where we boarded the boat, and later returned us for our flight onto our next destination – all very stress-free and easy.

Visited December 2013
Written by our guest on TripAdvisor
 “Amazing 3 days Orang Utan Adventure!”
I would massively recommend a 3 days Orang Utan Tour of Tanjung Puting National Park with Orangutan Voyage.We spent 3 days aboard the private Klotok with Aidi our tour guide. The boat was great and the crew mates friendly and always just as excited to see the wildlife as we were. Whilst on the boat we had delicious home made Indonesian meals (the best food we experienced on our whole 2 and a half week trip of Indonesia) and we never needed to ask for anything, it was always there for us ready. Such attentive, friendly and helpful service!The tour itself was brilliant, we opted for 3 days aboard the boat with visits to feeding stops and Camp Leakey and then 2 nights accomodation at Rimba Lodge. During our trip we saw both rehabilitating and Wild Orang Utan’s in addition monkey, crocodilles and lots of  birdlife. The scenery is beautiful, so peaceful and the jungle trek we did was great too.Aidi our guide was brilliant, he has excellent English and is very knowledgeable of the local area and having spent time as a park ranger, he knew the best places to take us and provided lots of useful and interesting information along the way.Overall, the trip was amazing, I can’t recoomend it more highly. It was a highlight of our trip to Indonesia and we were made to feel so welcome by Aidi and all the crew.Only things i would suggest if you are planning on going, would be light weight clothing and a rain mac if  you are travelling in the wet season!

 Written by our guest on TripAdvisor


“Great trip”

5 of 5 starsReviewed October 19,2013


Orang Utan Voyage is reliable and professionally run. The boat crew did everything to make the trip pleasant and comfortable. The guide was very knowledgeable about the The National Park and the animals there sincerely care about the enviroinment. A big surprise was the food on board. Much better than what you usually get in restaurants in Indonesia.

Before deciding to go on a Klotok (Boat) tour you should be aware that you will be washing yourself with river water in that you and an everyone also uses as toilet. If you dont mind, there is a lot to see and enjoy in Tanjung Puting NP.

Written by our guest on TripAdvisor
Visited October 20.13
 Reviewed on October 22, 2013
I highly recommend Orang Utan Voyage – The boat was basic but so wonderful to be out in the open on the river and sleep so near  the jungle. Our guide Aidi was wonderful and knew so much about the jungle, the Orang Utans, other animals and conservation in Borneo. He went out of his way  to make sure we had an amazing time and saw a lots of animals.

It was amazing seeing the Orang Utans so close, one of the best experiences of our lives! The whole experiences of living on the boat and being so near the jungle all time,with so much to see was also amazing. The crew were all lovely and provided everything we needed, and the food was delicious and so much of it.

We didi the 3 days/2

I would recommend anyone going to Borneo to go with Orang Utan Voyage and to book it straight away – you won’t regret it!

Written by our anynemous guest


5 of 5 stars Reviewed October 17,2013
 It was one of the most inspiring experienceof my life! I had the 3 days-2 nights and, if before leaving i thought it would lasted enough, at the end i wish it would have never ended. Our guide Ancis was very experienced and he told us many interesting things about the forest and the animals that lives there.He also knew very well most of the orangutans that we met in the Camp  and he could told us stories about them. He showed us enchantin places not crowded by other tourist and this was for us and unforgettable present. On the Klotok we had everyday tasty meals, cooked by the chef on board. During the night it was so touching to hear all the sounds of the forest and the importance of protect this delicate environment.

Written by our anonymous guest that visit July, 2013


Dear Aidi

Sorry it has been taken me quite so long to write this email. In truth i think all we experienced on the trip is still sinking in, it was so amazing.

Firstly, I would like to thank you personally for making the whole booking process so easy. Every time i had question or query your responded quickly and clearly to my emails, which was so reassuring when trying to organise something like from abroad. It gave me real trust in your company from the outset, and meant that i had no qualms in transferring the money to your bank account, whereas usually i would be very wary of doing so.

We finally met, after over a year of emailing, when you collected us from the airport. It was great to have finally met you in person. and you were just as friendly and helpful in real life as you had been over the internet. It was great to meet Dedi Bintang there too who would be our guide on the trip due to your younger brother’s wedding.

And then the boat tripitself began on the lovely “one piece” and from this point onwards all was superb. The boat was in great condition, the crew were so amazingly friendly (more about them later) and everything worked so easily and smoothly, it really was so relaxing.

The views from the boat were amazing. Dedi was excellent in spotting the wildlife and explanning the life of the river and some of the history of Borneo. Our first stop at a feeding station was so succesful, we saw five Orangutans, including the alpha, as well as proboscis monkeys and macaques. We simply thought it couldn’t get any better we were wrong!

Every feed we went to meant we saw something different – a baby clinging to its mother, a gibbon, wild boar, and alpha male mating with one of the females, the list is almost endless. In fact we started documenting what we had seen each day and it filled two sheets of A4 paper! We were even lucky enough to see some wild orangutans, completely away from the feeding station. And to cap it all off, on boat journey back to Pangkalan Bun, when we were reflecting on all we’d seen, a crocodile swam in front of the boat – the one final animal my step-father wanted to see!

One of the highlights for my mother, Maureen, was on our second night, we moored up away from everyone else, near a tree full of fireflies and the crew got out a guitar and we all started singing songs togerther, it was such a wonderful way to finish the day off before heading to bed for a solid night’s sleep, ready for the next day.

Obviously the Orangutans were the real stars of the trip, but coming a very close second were the crew – they were faultless, each of them bringing so much to the feel of the boat.

Not only did Kader, the Captain, steers us safely, he stopped whenever we wanted for photos, was very entertaining, and my mother started calling him her “knight in shining armour” as he helped her ashore every time we moored up, i think i saw her blush a couple of times!

Jimi was fantastic, setting up for dinner, arranging our beds, cleaning the boat, plus everything else he did, and always with a big grin, he was such a friendly guy, and has a great singing voice as well!

If i have to grumble about anything, it would have to be tuti’s food – it was too good! I must have food on 10 kilos in the four days we were aboard the boat! Every dish was beautiful, and so well presented. Two of us were vegetarian, but this didn’t phase her, we had completely different options every meal, and our companious got their meat and fish options too, and it was all amazing, top quality reataurant food. How she can cook like that on a boat is beyond me.

And finally Dedy, our guide, wildlife expert, and friend. I can’t describe how much he made this trip special. On a practical level his customer service was excellent, his understanding and knowledge of all the fauna we saw was second-to none, in fact on several occasions oter guides were asking him questions, and his respect fro the nature around him faultless. But he was so much more than this – he went above and beyond the call of duty everyday, ensuring that we had the best possible experience we could, nothing exemplified this more than when on the night after the boat trip had ended he came to our hotel to take us on a walk around Pangkalan Bun to show us places tourists wouldn’t usually see. His genuine interest and his enthusiasm for nature, his job and ultimately his country was inspiring. and it wasn’t just a joy, but a true honour to have him with us.

So thank you, so much, for providing us with that really was a once -in -a-lifetime experience.

All the best,

Steven, Mike, Maureen, and Mark.

Writtten by our guest visited on May 2014.


“Amazing incredible experience”

  Reviewed May 21,2014
My girlfriend and i traveled to Pangkalan Bun in November 2013 as the first stop on a two weeks tour of Indonesia and our experience with Orangutan Voyage was by far the best part of an incredible two week trip. We did a 3 days 2 nights tour of the jungle travelling around the river on the Klotok which was a great experience.

The hospitality provided to us by Aidi Syarifudin and his crew from Orangutan Voyage was excellent. The food was delicious and kept on coming. It was the best we managed to get in the whole of Indonesia (and we dined in some fancy restaurants and 5 star hotel duirng the trip but honestly the food on the boat was better than those).

Aidi is a great host, very sociable and knowledgeable about the jungle, always pointing out interesting birds, plants and wildlife. His English is excellent. But he gave us privacy as well, which was very nice as we were a couple at the starts of a long overdue holiday.

The jungle experience itself was very authentic. We felt that we were deep in the jungle far from civilisation as for the most part there was no one else around. Occasioally we would briefly pass another boat and at the orangutan viewing areas we would run into a handful of other travellers. The Klotok boat is basic but has everything you could need. We chose to stay in Rimba lodge rather than on the boat mainly for a change of scenery but also you have to drinks a lot of water to stay hydrated in the jungle and thought a toilet on  dry land would be easier. With hindsight you could definitely stay on the boat and be comfortable.

Saw plenty of orangutans both in the wild and in rehabilitation. I expected the rehabilitated orangutans to basically be in glorified zoo, but they really weren’t. They also live in the jungle in a vast area that is lookes after by rangers. To all intents purposes they’re also wild as they roam free, the only difference between them and wild orangutans is they are more used to humans so come much closer, close enough to feed, which we did. Having travelled in the amazon before i expected not to be as impressed with Kalimantan as i was but it really blew me away. I would recoomended it to anyone and everyone as definitely advise anyone thinking of going to go with Orangutan Voyage and Aidi Syarifudin.

Written by our guest
Visited November 2013
 “Maximum Bagus!!”
5 of 5 starsReviewed August 17,2014
This is an easy decision – go here and use Orangutan Voyages.

photoWhy here?
1: the Rainforest. Abundant, extraordinary. Adn not that rainy!
2: the Orangutant. Splendidly charming, the world’s only charismatic redheads display their individual personalities at every opportunity. I worried that the feeding stations might be a bit contrived and zoo-like. Actually they were basic and fine and more to the point, these stations are just one place and enjoy casual meetings in the forest or by the river as the days come and go.
3: the Kelotok and people who run them. From your vantage point on the Kelotok you can view the canopy for quite some distance;impossible from the ground inthe forest. Sleep surrounded by the forest and wake to eerie pre dawn Gibbon chorus. Enjoy the skill and humour of the crews at the river stations when all the Boats converge for orderly mayhem.

photo(1)Why Orangutan Voyages?
1: Aidi (a.k.a Ancis). He embodies the perfect guide and host. Intelligent, insightful, empathetic and organised. Scary good.
2: the Crew. Five people to look after four of us on board, skills ran from evening guitar on a pier through boatmanship to superb Indonesian meals appearing with frightening frequency.
3: the Kelotok. Aidi has his own boat, meaning it is set up for the level of service and cleanliness that he want. Most of tours operate by patching together whichever freelance boats and guides are available at the time. Not so with Orangutan Voyages.

I will certainly return. Outstanding.

Written by Matthew Pole from New Zealand


“Orangutan Voyage”
5 of 5 stars Reviewed September 2, 2014
Probably the highlight of our 4 week honeymoon. Aidi and his crew were friendly and knowledgeable. We had booked 2 nights/3 days but due to last minute flight issues ended up with i night/2 days, not problem for Aidi to change and he sorted all the issues. Saw a wild orangutan as well as the orangutan at feeding stations. Food was brilliant, especially from such a small kitchen. Such great memories of floating down the river sat on the front of the boating watching the monkeys in the treese as the sun went down. Perfect.
Written by Martin, Visited October 2013
5 of 5 starsReviewed August 12,2014
My wife and myself start our Indonesia trip in Kalimantan’s Tanjung Puting National Park by the end of past June; althought the rest of the journey in the other islands was great, both agree the days we spend in the National Park were the most extraordinary experience.

Orangutans, proboscis ” long nose” monkey, macaques, water snakes,crocodiles, kingfisher, nice sunsets, nights with trees plenty of fireflies, sunrise hearing thousand of jungle sounds, etc…
Everything in a small “klotok: boat, detailed explanations of the native guide, which love their island, the park biodiversity, and specially these” almost human” ornagutans.
Most important; they have a mission to work for in kumai,protect the environment in Borneo, thank you very much for let us feel as part of it.

As conclusion, we highly recommend everyone visiting this paradise, be sure your trip will be memorabel.

Visited June 2014
“Great Trip, but rooms for improvements”

4 of 5 starsReviewed October 30, 2014


We did a 4 days/3nights river crusie in Tanjung Puting National Park with Orangutan Voyages for 430 dollar per person (excluding discount). Tanjung Puting National Park is a peat swamp forest and well known for its endangered orang utans, but also its native white bearded gibbons and proboscis monkeys which can only be found on Borneo. Overall, we found the tour amazing and we had a really good time. However, for us it did not meet he expectations of the previous 5-starred reviews. For the sake of the conservation of the wildlife in this park (threatened by severe habitat destruction), we would like to share our positive experiences with other potential tourists (go visit this suburb park!!), but also list some more recomendation which may help to improve the tours even more.

The crew consists of four people, a guide, a captain, an assistent, and a cook. The crew was very helpful and polite, and wanted to make sure we had a good time. They offered us sufficient privacy, which is convenient since a Kelotok (the boat) is small. The itinerary was good, we visited several feeding platforms, had a day and night trek, and spend quite alot of time cruising around looking for crocodiles. To conclude, the food was delicious.

Some recomendations.

Personally we were interested in a bit more background information about the flora and fauna in the park. We chose for Orang Utan Voyages because of the very positive reviews on tripadvisor about the guide Aidi. However, our guide was a student, who had graduated and worked on a freelance basis. T o be honest, we had anticipated on a more experienced, knowlegable, and enthusiastic guide. We had numerous questiom but  many were too difficult to communicate. In the jungle you’ll encounter millions of subtle nuances, but you’ll need a guide to make you aware of it. Of course new guides have to learn the trick so that more tourists can be accomodated. A simple solution for the guide would be to bring a book(or just a syllabus with some printed sheets) with information and photos about the jungle. In this way, tourists an back-up their knowledge by themself as much as they want. It is much easier to identify things if you know what to look for.

If  a guide would like to improve spotting the wildlife, than maybe it would help
(and be more fun for tourists as well) to invest in binoculars for the day and some spare torches for the night. We were all inexperiecend to see all the details of the jungle life around us.

A recommendation for our baot(they called it (the ambulance) would be to improve hygiene. It would be good to included a sink so that it easier to wash hands. Despite extreme caution to avoid germs, I was really sick for one day and threw everyting out.

We hope that we don’t sound too negative. Again, we had an amazing special time and still really recommend Orangutan Voyages.


“Unforgetable trip of a lifetime!”
5 of 5 starsReviewed December 27,2014
My boyfriend and i have just returned from a 5 nights/6 days trip to Tanjung Puting NP with Orangutan Voyage and couldn’t recommend it highly enough. From the outstanding service (we had 4 crew and a guide for two of us), to the mouthwatering food and of course incredibke sighting of orangutans, a variety of monkeys and a croc!

The crew gave us sufficient privacy as well as ensuring we had everything we could possibly need.

Our guide, Rusty, was incredibly knowledgable and made our trip very special.

As we had 6 days we were able to visit the feeding stations several times, do a trek through a primary forest as well as a night walk. On Christmas eve we experiecend the magic of seeing thousands of fireflies and released baby turtles into the ocean on Christmas Day.

All in all an incredble 6 days we will never forget thanks to Orangutan Voyage.All in all an incredible 6 days we will never forget thanks to Orangutan Voyage.

Written by our guest visited on December 2014.


“Abenteuerurlaub der anderen Art!”

Reviewed February 15,2015Reviewed February 15, 2015
 Wir haben bei Orangutan Voyage eine 4 Tagestour gebucht. Zu buchen direkt auf der hompage Unsere Erwartungen wurden bei weiten übertroffen und durften unglaubliche Erlebnisse mit nachhause nehmen.

Unser Guide Yusuf ist ein lustiger, aufmerksamer und zuvorkommender freundlicher junger Mann Mitte 30. Auβer ihm waren noch 4 weitere Personen Teil der Bootscrew. Dieser Urlaub ist nichts für verwöhnte Allinclusivouristen. Man solite schon abenteuerlustig sein um das hier gebotene auch genieβen zu können.

Wir wurden flussaufwärts geschippert und sahen bei mehreren Stationen Nasenaffen, Makaken, Hornbil Vögle, Kingfischer (Eisvogel) und die berühmten Orang-Utans.

An diversen Punkten konnte man die Tiere beim Fressen beobachten und wenn man Glück hat läuft man einem Orang-Utan über dem Weg wie es auch uns mehrere male passiert ist.

Die Verpflegung an Bord war top. Wer gerne ein Bier zum Abendessen hat wird es sich selber mitbringen müssen, da es in dieser Gegend verboten ist Alkohol zu trinken

Des weiteren besuchten wir das Dorf und verbrachten den letzten Tag am Strand.

Wir danken noch mal allen diesen unvergesselichen Urlaub.
Wir wurden flussaufwärts geschippert und sahen bei mehreren Stationen Nasenaffen, Makaken, Hornbil Vögle, Kingfischer (Eisvogel) und die berühmten Orang-Utans.
An diversen Punkten konnte man die Tiere beim Fressen beobachten und wenn man Glück hat läuft man einem Orang-Utan über dem Weg wie es auch uns mehrere male passiert ist.
Die Verpflegung an Bord war top. Wer gerne ein Bier zum Abendessen hat wird es sich selber mitbringen müssen, da es in dieser Gegend verboten ist Alkohol zu trinken.
Des weiteren besuchten wir das Dorf und verbrachten den letzten Tag am Strand.

Wir danken noch mal allen für diesen unvergesslichen Urlaub.

Wriiten by our guest.  Visited January 2015



Reviewed on June 26,2015
We had a great trip to Tanjung Puting National Park with Orangutan Voyage! Everything was perfectly organised. Our guide Yusup picked us up at the airport and took us right to our “Klotok”. There we met the whole crew and also Aidi, the owner of Orangutan Voyage in Kumai. They were all very friendly and courteous. The food was fantastic and we had romantic dinners on deck by candle-light and the sound of the jungle. During our 3-day-trip we saw a lot of orangutans, which was really amazing! Thanks to Yusup. We also watched a funny group of Proboscis monkeys for a while and met two gibbons on one of our walks through the rainforest. Yusup also spotted a sunda flying lemur! He knows a lot about the National Park, Camp Leakey and the animals around. We really learned a lot. After the tour Aidi came to visit us at our hotel to make sure, that everything was fine and say to say goodbye. We absolutely enjoyed the trip and hope to visit Aidi in Kumai again sometimes.

“Beyond Our Expectations”

I went on the 3D2N tour with my partner, our guide was Aidi. Aidi was extremely welcoming when we arrived. After picking us up from the Airport and heading to the harbour to get settled on our klotok, Aidi’s fantastic humor began to show and continued for the rest of the trip. As we cruised up the magnificient entrance of the river the flora and fauna increased the further in we went. It was’nt long before Aidi was popping up from below deck to point out some hiding monkeys with his well trained eyes. At first we could’nt really see them but as awe came closer  it became apparent that there was indeed a small gathering on monkeys hanging by the river edge. The klotok pulled up right next to them where we sat and watched them for some time, Aidi providing information and a bit of background them during that time.

After we cruised further up the river which reminded us of something out of scene of Indiana Jones, it was unreal. As the sun started to go down we found a quite place on the side of the river to stop for the night, then came our biggest surprise of the trip, the food. Dinner was absolutely amazing for the little amount of room and facilities our chef had to work with.

Sleeping was easy, with  a mosquito net to protect us we were both able to get a nice nights sleep. Awaking to the sounds of birds chirping and other animals off in the distance as the sun started to come up was refreshing.

After another delicious meal we headed off to our first feeding station. As we trekked through the rainforest quietly we saw our first orangutan, slowly calculating each manuver between branches, also on his way to the feeding station. At the station you could hear the staff making calls to the orangutans, letting them know their banana buffet was ready.

Also included in our tour apart the orangutan feeding was a couple of treks throughout the rainforest with the local ranger Pak Udin, also hillarious. Who Provided alot of detailed information on the flora we were passing.

Visiting the NGO area was also an eye opener you could see the clear difference in the palm oil plantations across from the reserve area. Aidi showed us some trees he had planted over time there which were ever so slowly growing. Originally we planned to plant some  ourselves but we got caught up talking to some volunteers who were staying doing agriculture and restoration of the area and also hungout with their adorable local dog name Jiro.

On our final stop, we visited the local village in which we were quickly greeted and by surprise by two young local girls with “Hello how are you, what’s your name?” in clear English. The escorted us as we walked around looking at the village across of Tanjung Harapan.

All in all i cannot recommend Aidi and his company enough. For those looking for a genuine insite into the area in addition to seeing orangutans, orangutanvoyage is the one too book. ∼JR

Visited February 2017


Unforgetable experience!

This was an incredible trip for my husband and I. Aidi, who had been extremely helpful prior to trip answering many back and forth emails was waiting for us at the airport. We mentioned we wanted to pick up a few supplies(mixer for spirit we brought, extra repellent, etc) before we went to the klotok and he took us to the all and was even able to arrange for us to purchase certain malt beverages afterwards not available in Pangkalan Bun.

What can i say, Tanjong Puting national park was amazing – we spent 4 days trekking and meandering down  the river with Aidi and the amazing  and attentive crew. We were able to see many orangutans who would come down to the parks’ feeding station as well as those truely in the wild where they were feeding close to the rivers edge. We also saw lots of monkeys including the proboscis monkey endemic to Borneo. All the activities planned were thoughful and fun – Aidi is extremely knowledgeable; constantly showing how much he loves his land and cares about all the creatures in it. Definitely a once in a lifetime treat! He is also great at spotting birds and other wildlife along the way.

That said… there were a few challenges we faced, so just to be aware-
The Klotok is rustic, it was lovely and the mosquito net over the bed kept all the critters out while we slept. The shower was cold( I figure it would be, no biggie) but towels were not provided-(to their defense, I did not think to ask about towels, I just assumed) since we did not know this we ended up having to “dryof off” with our clothes and then hang them. You eat feasts everyday (so much that i felt a little bad not eating more) on the open deck. Its nice in morning, lovely in afternoon, but at night even with the citronella coils around your feet, bugs come and you just cant really see them in the candlelight – if you put on the over head light, they just dive bomb it! We didn’t want to put on the overhead light on the other end of the boat either, because that’s where they would set up our bed while we ate dinner and we didn’t want to risk bugs getting into the mosquito netting as they set it up. Though i tried to repeatedly tell our cook that it was too much food for us, their hospitality would allow no less than a table full each meal, which is one of the reason it was hard to wave the bugs off everything at night. I guesss its part of the experience and it may seem totally fine to anyone else thinking about a jungle trek in Borneo and really it was fine, but i think its better to be aware of certain nuances before you go;)

All in all i totally recommended this trip and though i read many post before we left concerning leeches as inevitable, we did not get any:) 🙂

Reviewed 21 February 2017

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