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Explore the Rainforest of Borneo to Discover the Orangutan in Tanjung Puting National Park, Central Kalimantan.

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Nature and Wildlife are always fascinating. Tanjung Puting National Park is amazing !

Orangutan Trip And Jungle Trekking.

Wild Orangutan

Our most famous program is spotting the orangutans in their wild natural habitat.If you have plenty of time,you can do long jungle trekking and search the wild ones.However,if you are short on time,you are still encourage to see rehabilitation center’s feeding station at the most famous site Camp Leakey and look for semi wild ones enjoying their snack.Here you will probably see differents several alpha males and females as some camps are spread far apart and do not have the same alpha males and females.Who know,it might be possible that you are interest to observe and recognize them deeper.


Klotok Tour  And Wildlife Spotting

klotok tour tanjung puting

During your trip and cruise along Sekonyer river or Buluh river by Boat/Klotok,you can spot various forest and its ecosystem and wild animals,such as; Black hornbill,Kingfisher,Rhinoceros hornbill,Flying fox,Proboscis monkey,Longtail macaque,Thousand of fire flies (seasonal) and many more interesting species.You will be lucky ones to see Fresh water crocodile,Estuarine crocodile,Sambar deer,Tarsier,Sunbear,Irawaddy river dolphint and Wild orangutan (just luck).



conservation and education

A little touch for the home of the primates and others wildlife through conservation by make memories and leave your mark forever and helping with the reforestation of the Borneo Rainforest. Learn about the medicinal properties of the various plants in the Rainforest are the great things to experienced.

Turtle Releasing

turtle releasing

Relax on the white sand beach and view the picturesque sunset of Borneo and learn about the turtle, breeding site and release the turtle into the sea will make your trip memorable.


Dayak Village Explore and Hard trekking

rainforest trekking

Visit the Dayak village in the deep inside of Borneo and jump off to the primary Rainforest, do a long jungle trekking and experienced a night’s jungle camping under canopy of Borneo Rainforest and following a traditional ceremony with indigenous Dayak tribe at traditional longhouse. Would made your adventure in Borneo will be unforgetable.
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