Borneo Eco Tour. 7 Days/6 Nights

Our tour is private or can be arranged for group but not available for sharing. We have prepared some tour package to help your tour planning and guide your decision what to do during your visit. We will donated 4% of your trip budget to help the conservation and education project.

Borneo eco tour and dayak village explore

Day 1: Kumai, Tanjung Harapan

Morning pick-up from Pangkalan Bun Airport/Hotel to the Kelotok/Boat

  • Greeted at Pangkalan Bun Airport by our friendly guide with your name plaque card
  • Transfer from the Airport dieclty the the Kelotok/Boat,
  • Snack and mineral water on arrival on the Kelotok
  • River cruise to Tanjung Puting National Park
  • Whilst enjoying the river cruise, spot the wildlife,including: Poboscis monkey, Longtail macaque, Wild orangutan and much more
  • A delicious breakfast will be served on the Kelotok
  • Witness the feeding of the Orangutan at one of the feeding platform in National Park
  • Return to the Kelotok to Kelotok to travel upstream and spotting the wildlife
  • Enjoy candle lights dinner, while listening to the symphony of nocturnal animals, birds and insects
  • Lie on the deck to gaze at the stars and milky way at the clear night time sky
  • Go to sleep under the enclosed deck of the Kelotok, on comfortable bed and under mosquito nets

Day 2: Camp Leakey, Pondok Ambung,

  • Wake up to the sounds of Borneo jungle
  • A delicious breakfast would be served on the Kelotok
  • Cruise upstream to Camp Leakey
  • Sightseeing around at Camp Leakey to observed the Orangutan behaviour, movements and interaction
  • Return to the Kelotok/Boat
  • Lunch on the Kelotok with natura view surrounds
  • View the afternoon feeding of the Orangutan on the outskirts of Camp Leakey
  • Back to the Kelotok/Boat, see if you can spot the crocodile and other wildlife while cruising
  • Shower and leisure, enjoying the afternoon twilight
  • Delicious dinner will be served on the Kelotok
  • Brave a night trek through the jungle of Borneo, searching for wild glowing mushroom (seasonal), nocturnal moths, deer, and tarsier- small nocturnal primate, unique to the region
  • Spend the night on the Kelotok, amongst the sounds and sights of the rainforest.

Day 3: Pondok Tanggui, Pesalat, Local Village.

  • Western style breakfast would be served on the Kelotok
  • Cruise downstream to second station to witness an early morning Orangutan feeding
  • Return to teh Kelotok
  • Enjoy your softdrinks while cruising the river and spotting the wildlife
  • Another enjoyable lunch on the Kelotok
  • Visit the reforestation project at Pesalat to learn about various of medicinal plants and planting trees. (Donation are given to the foundation)
  • Visit the local village and view  hand-made souvenirs
  • Travel downstream to see the Proboscis monkey and other wildlife.
  • Intimate dinner on Boat.
  • Overnight on Boat

Day 4: Pangkalan Bun, Nanga Bulik, Kudangan/Lopus (Dayak Village)

  • Breakfast on Boat by natural view surround.
  • Travel to Kumai overland to Dayak village for about five hours by car
  • View the Palm oil plantation and highland forest along the road to Nanga Bulik (Capital of Lamandau Regency )
  • Lunch at one of small restaurant at Nanga Bulik (Capital of Lamandau Regency)
  • Continue to Dayak village (Lopus or Kudangan)
  • Get a rest at the local homestay upon arrival on the Dayak village
  • Sightseeing around Dayak village, meet the locals
  • Take a bath at the river by natural view surround or at locals homestay
  • Return to locals homestay and leisure
  • Dinner  will be served at homestay
  • Following the traditional and spiritual ceremony, where you will be invited to dance together and tasting or drinking Tuak (rice wine) made traditionally by locals at traditional longhouse
  • Overnight at local homestay

Day 5: Dayak Village (Full Days)

  • Breakfast will be served at the local homestay
  • Jungle trekking to explore the highland forest about five hours through hill and crossing several river where alot of stones and cascades
  • Get a rest upon arrival at the tend under the canopy of the Borneo Rainforest
  • Have a bath under the waterfall or river
  • Another enjoyable lunch will be served under the canopy in the wild
  • Rest of the day and have your leisure
  • Dinner under canopy of primary Rainforest while listening the sounds of waterfall
  • A brave night jungle trekking, searching for nocturnal animals
  • Overnight in a tent in the middle of the primary Rainforest.

Day 6: Kudangan, Pangkalan Bun

  • Early morning breakfast whilst listening sounds of birds and waterfall
  • Jungle trekking back to the village through the Rainforest and see alot of large trees including; Iron wood, Shorea laevis dipterocarpacea and much more
  • Get a rest the homestay and prepare to return to Pangkalan Bun
  • Have a lunch in  a small restaurant or local homestay
  • Transfer out of Dayak village to Pangkalan Bun
  • Check in at the Hotel in Pangkalan Bun
  • Enjoy your leisure
  • Dinner at  restaurant at Pangkalan Bun
  • Overnight at the Hotel

Day 7: Hotel, Airport

  • Breakfast at the Hotel
  • Transfer to the Airport for your next destination
  • Thank you for your smiling and farewell 🙂


  • Boat rental and full crew
  • Mineral water is provided
  • All meals whilst on the Boat, including breakfast, snack, lunch and dinner. Arrangements can be made for vegetarian
  • Tea, coffe and condense milk always available for your enjoyments
  • Park entrance, camera tax, Boat parking fees, and all site donations to the park are included in the above quoted prices
  • Car to transfer to and from Airport or Hotel
  • Hotel/Accomodation


  • Airfares
  • Airport taxes and extra baggage fees
  • Travel insurance
  • Expenses incurred due to force majeure
  • Personal expenses

Note :

1. Please advise us before hand of any special dietary requirements or physical disabilites

2. First day itinerary depends on the arrival time at Pangkalan Bun Airport − morning arrival will be able to view the Orangutan feeding on day one also early departure can be arranged  in order to make the flight out of Pangkalan Bun on the last day of the trip.

3. Our programs isn’t written in stone you could discuss with your guide for any changes but without change in price


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